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Royal Caribbean European Cruises

Royal Caribbean European Cruises

Looking at a map of Europe, it’s not surprising to want to visit and explore all of its old cities. But you don’t have to take multiple train rides or book different hotels. There’s a more convenient—and fun—way to travel, and that’s by going on a cruise. With European cruises, you can hop to various European ports very easily, while you enjoy the crisp breeze aboard a luxury ship designed solely to make your stay unforgettable.

Usually, a cruise like this will start at south Hampton and set sail to Paris. After that, you can then go south on a Mediterranean cruise or go north towards Scandinavia.

Mediterranean Cruise

It’s always a good idea to go south, and explore the Mediterranean Sea that the ancient Romans considered as the Roman Empire’s lake. Your options include getting to Barcelona and seeing the magnificence of the Sagrada Familia Cathedral. You can breathe in the glamor of the French Riviera in Montecarlo, and follow the steps that the celebrities take. You can even reach Rome, the eternal city and the home of works of art like the Sistine Chapel.

Forget about the photos you see online. The sights you can behold with your own eyes will stay with you for a lifetime. Whether it’s a romantic cruise for two or a fun and educational trip for the whole family, a Mediterranean cruise is simply one of the best there is.  read more »

Europe Travel Tips

Europe is a great place for a holiday break, but there are things that can mar your vacation. The lines are long, sometimes there are strikes, and people may seem to deliberately avoid speaking English. Customs differ from place to place, you can get lost, and tourist prices can be exorbitant. But you can avoid a lot of hassle if you keep in mind these Europe travel tips:

1. Before you visit a museum, understand why an artwork is famous. Do some research so you can appreciate these masterpieces better.

Europe Travel Tips

2. Visit major tourist attractions in the morning. This is when your energy is at its highest.

3. Make an advance reservation. Many of the popular sights may have long lines, and that’s because these people don’t realize that they could have simply made a reservation. So ask your local hotel manager which places sell advance tickets. These places include the Vatican Museum in Rome, the Eiffel Tower in Paris, and the Picasso Museum in Barcelona. You can also get advance tickets for the Uffizi and the Accademia in Florence.  read more »

Best Places to Travel To in Europe

If you’re planning a Euro trip, trying to figure out the best European travel destinations you should go to can be confusing. There are just too many of them! But invariably, the best ones are those places with impressive architecture, spectacular monuments, a rich history, and delicious cuisine. And for most travel experts, here are the European cities that you should put at the top of your list:

Best Places To Travel To In Europe: Paris

  • Paris. Some say it’s not really a European holiday if you don’t set foot in Paris. If you haven’t been there before, it would be a crime to bypass it. You just have to visit. The museums like the Louvre, monuments like the Eifel Tower, the churches such as Notre Dame…the list goes on and on. The cafés and the restaurants are excellent, and the nightlife rocks.

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