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13 Things To Know Before Traveling To Europe

Heading to Europe? There’s no doubt, it can be a fun experience, but if you’re not prepared it can be a nightmarish disappointment.

So to make sure you really enjoy yourself in the Old World, here are a few useful Europe travel tips to remember:

  1. Before you travel to Europe, pick the right time of year. As you may already know, the continent is a famous destination for tourists. You end up battling the crowds and standing in interminable lines if you go there in March (spring break) or from June to August (summer).
  2. Make sure to book everything well in advance. It’s not enough that you get a reservation for airline seats and hotel rooms. If you can book in advance for an even or a tourist attraction, then do so advises Scott Mitsko, traveler and owner of a Hawaii painting contractor company –
  3. Try to practice saying a few common phrases in the local language. Many of the people there (especially the French) will appreciate that you at least made the effort.
  4. The basic rule for behavior is to imitate the locals. Do as the Romans do, as they like to say. That should help you pick the right clothes to wear and the right things to say.
  5. If possible, try to get a place near the center of the city so you can just walk everywhere as you explore. Just wear the right shoes, as the cobblestones can be hell on heels. See if you can join a walking tour, and some of these are offered for free by local university organizations.
  6. Always have some Euros on you. Lots of places here only deal with cash.
  7. Walking around can lead you to lots of nice restaurants and delis. Don’t be afraid to try the local cuisine. It’s part of the European experience. So you can enjoy Italian food the way the Italians do it, and you’ll notice the subtle differences between the northern and southern cuisine.
  8. Also, look online for places to dine in so you’re not walking hungrily all over without finding a place to eat. Concentrate on restaurants that are a bit farther away from the major attractions, so that you can avoid the crowds and the higher prices.
  9. Don’t entertain offers from people who want to carry your bags. It’s not that they will run away with it (though that’s always possible), but that they’ll charge you for the service.
  10. Try to talk to the people around you, especially bartenders, shopkeepers, and street vendors. Meeting new people and making new friends is always enjoyable.
  11. Instead of driving around, you may want to use the trains instead. It’s faster and more convenient.
  12. If possible, carry packets of tissue paper and hand sanitizer. You can’t always be too sure of the bathrooms.
  13. See if you can participate in some famous festivals. These often offer memorable moments. You can experience St. Patrick’s Day in Dublin (or Belfast), King’s Day in Amsterdam, or even the running of the bulls in Pamplona.

It’s actually not that hard to enjoy your stay in Europe. The key to really enjoying yourself here is to avoid the tourist crowds, so that you can enjoy the continent more fully!

Europe Travel Tips

Europe is a great place for a holiday break, but there are things that can mar your vacation. The lines are long, sometimes there are strikes, and people may seem to deliberately avoid speaking English. Customs differ from place to place, you can get lost, and tourist prices can be exorbitant. But you can avoid a lot of hassle if you keep in mind these Europe travel tips:

1. Before you visit a museum, understand why an artwork is famous. Do some research so you can appreciate these masterpieces better.

Europe Travel Tips

2. Visit major tourist attractions in the morning. This is when your energy is at its highest.

3. Make an advance reservation. Many of the popular sights may have long lines, and that’s because these people don’t realize that they could have simply made a reservation. So ask your local hotel manager which places sell advance tickets. These places include the Vatican Museum in Rome, the Eiffel Tower in Paris, and the Picasso Museum in Barcelona. You can also get advance tickets for the Uffizi and the Accademia in Florence.  read more »